This page covers how to add django-distill to your Django project.

Step 1: Have a Django project

django-distill is an add-on library to Django, so you must already have a Django project with working URLs to add it to. This guide assumes you already know some basics around how to develop sites with Django. If not, please read the excellent getting started with Django documentation.

Once you have an existing Django with some working pages you install django-distill.

Step 2: Install django-distill

The easiest way to install django-distill is from PyPI via pip:

$ pip install django-distill

You can use Python virtual environments (venvs), pipenv, poetry or whatever Python package manager setup works for you.

Step 3: Add to your project

Add django_distill to your INSTALLED_APPS in the of your Django project:

    # ... Django project apps here ...
    # ... local site apps here ...

That's it!

Now django-distill is added to your Django project you can begin with integration.